Centre for Atmospheric Research Experiments

The Centre for Atmospheric Research Experiments (CARE) is a regionally representative site located in Egbert, Ontario. It provides the infrastructure for long-term atmospheric observation programs and intensive campaigns with national and international partners. CARE is the home of laboratories supporting ECCC programs, such as the Clean Air Regulatory Agenda and the Chemicals Management Plan. The site also serves as a platform for measurements of acid deposition, air quality, tropospheric ozone, greenhouse gases, and aerosols.

Highlights of the Centre include:

  • The Clean Air Building at CARE houses a large number of instruments used for air quality observations. The development and testing of new instruments is done here before they are used at field sites across Canada.
  • The Centre’s analytical laboratory facilities enable ECCC scientists to study the long-range transport of persistent organic pollutants. These studies enable us to understand the global nature of atmospheric pollutants, for example, how chemicals used in other countries are having an impact on the Canadian Arctic.
  • There is a LIDAR (light detection and ranging) facility at CARE that allows ECCC to develop and use instrumentation that vertically profiles the atmosphere by identifying particles, ozone, water vapour and temperatures.
  • CARE is a World Meteorological Organization Global Atmosphere Watch regional station for greenhouse gases and aerosols. Due to its location near Toronto, researchers can study the impact of urban populated regions and regional transport influences for all atmospheric issues.
  • ECCC carries out several climate measurement programs at CARE in support of research into land surface and atmospheric processes that influence climate system behaviour in Canada.
  • Research and testing of meteorological measurement systems is also carried out at CARE.
6248 8th Line
Egbert, ON L0L 1N0

Scientists and researchers

Research Scientist - Lidar Technology Specialist
Environment and Climate Change Canada


Analytical Environmental Chemist - Manager of Organic Analysis Laboratory and Sinior Building Officer of the Centre for Atmospheric Research Experiments (CARE)
Environment and Climate Change Canada