Agro-Ecosystem Resilience

Agro-ecosystem resilience

Based on land suitability, efficient use of resources, and reduced production input costs, crop management strategies developed by scientists at Brandon RDC are enabling farmers to make informed decisions that help increase productivity and sustainability of their operations.

Successful solutions

  • Assessed crop inputs and diversity of rotations to mitigate the effects of climate change on yield and soil properties.
  • Quantified field scale variability of greenhouse gas emissions for glacial till soils in hummocky terrain.
  • Developed alternative methods for statistical analysis of greenhouse gas fluxes.
  • Evaluated the effect of variable management on crop yield based on the form, time of application and location of nitrogen fertilizer in the landscape.
  • Demonstrated new tools to help land managers assess agri-environmental resource management issues and adopt beneficial management practices.
  • Improved and refined tools to use aerial and satellite imagery to classify land cover, evaluate riparian areas and measure soil moisture.
  • Demonstrated grass alfalfa grazing system (low bloat risk) with improved animal gain.
  • Extended grazing systems using annual forages in mid-summer and crops such as small grains, Golden German millet, hairy vetch, and forage brassicas.
  • Classified Manitoba Rangeland: ecological sites based on geography, soil and topographical qualities; ideal reference plant community for each site.
  • Improved nitrogen (N) effectiveness and reduced N losses.
  • Improved phosphorus (P) management and reduced P loss from different forms and sources of nutrient (including compost/swine manure) on different cropping systems on the Prairies.
  • Improved cadmium (Cd) control through crop management (organic nutrients, improved cultivars, reduced tillage and low Cd phosphorus fertilizers).
  • Developed and used information management tools to support range and other resource management in agricultural landscapes.
  • Studied the use of beetles to control leafy spurge.
  • Developed an edge-of-field data capture tool to gather field scale agricultural information for use in landscape and watershed based resource management.
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