Registration of edamame food-grade soybean germplasm HS-171


Yu, K., Poysa, V., Woodrow, L. (2017). Registration of edamame food-grade soybean germplasm HS-171. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, [online] 97(6), 1195-1196.

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HS-171 is a specialty food grade soybean variety that can be used at the fresh green stage as edamame. It has a large seed, yellow hilum, low oil, high protein and sucrose concentrations that are the typical quality characters of edamame soybean. This line can be used as a parent to develop edamame soybean cultivars for the soy food industry.


HS-171 is a large-seeded edamame food-grade soybean genotype [Glycine max. (L.) Merr.] with yellow hilum, low oil, and high protein and sucrose concentrations. It is adapted to the areas of southwest Ontario with 3100 or more crop heat units and has a relative maturity rating of 2.6.

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