Processing, characterization and bread-making potential of malted yellow peas


Mondor, M., Guévremont, E., Villeneuve, S. (2014). Processing, characterization and bread-making potential of malted yellow peas. Food Bioscience, [online] 7 11-18.


Over the last few years, none of the studies aiming the fortification of wheat breads with germinated legume flours have been conducted according to the best practices in malting (e.g. steeping, germination and drying). The impact of supplementing breads at a 10% level with non-malted and malted yellow pea flour was studied. Microbiological monitoring was performed throughout the malting process. Fine flours were processed and characterized for their fineness, protein content and ash content. Dough mixing properties were determined prior to bread preparation. Results showed that malting process slightly increased the protein content and changed the microbiological profile of yellow peas; the highest density in population was achieved by psychrophilic bacteria and the occurrence of Enterobacteriaceae considerably increased. Dough mixing properties of yellow pea flours were barely affected by the malting process leading to a promising bread-making potential when compared to un-substituted flour. © 2014 Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.