Molecular and morphological evidence for new genera in the click-beetle subfamily Cardiophorinae (Coleoptera: Elateridae)


Douglas, H.B., Kundrata, R., Janosikova, D., Bocak, L. (2018). Molecular and morphological evidence for new genera in the click-beetle subfamily Cardiophorinae (Coleoptera: Elateridae). Entomological Science, [online] 21(3), 292-305.

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Phylgenetic relationships of wireworm genus Horistonotus to related genera established in world context. Utility of standard morphological diagnostic characters validated against world fauna. Taxonomic classification updated to reflect inferred phylogenetic relationships.


The Cardiophorinae is consistently at the subfamily rank in recent classifications. Conversely, generic limits and relationships remain unstable. Here, we use two nuclear (18S and 28S) and three mitochondrial (rrnL, cox1–3′ and cox1–5′) markers to test phylogenetic hypotheses for the Cardiophorinae. We investigate the positions of Paracardiophorus buettikeri Chassain from the Arabian Peninsula and a simple-clawed Argentinian Horistonotus Candèze species, neither of which matches the diagnoses of their assigned genera. Additionally, we test the monophyly of the widely defined Cardiophorus Eschscholtz by including representatives of Cardiophorus (Cardiophorus), Cardiophorus (Coptostethus Wollaston) and the former subgenus Zygocardiophorus Iablokoff-Khnzorian and Mardjanian. Molecular analyses recover three clades, which are also supported by morphological traits. Using inferred relationships we propose three new genera: Arandelater Douglas and Kundrata gen. nov., Chassainphorus Douglas and Kundrata gen. nov., and Huarpelater Douglas and Kundrata gen. nov. for Horistonotus canescens Steinheil, P. buettikeri and an undescribed species perhaps historically mistaken for H. canescens.Horistonotus tumidicollis Schwarz is synonymized under H. canescens.Coptostethus is raised from a subgenus of Cardiophorus to the genus level with revision of its definition. Eighteen Cardiophorus (Cardiophorus) and Dicronychus Brullé species are newly assigned to Coptostethus. All species currently included in Coptostethus are listed. All Coptostethus species from South Africa are transferred to Cardiophorus (Cardiophorus). Huarpelater cordobae Douglas and Kundrata sp. nov. is described, and Horistonotus quillu Aranda is transferred to Huarpelater gen. nov. The replacement name Coptostethus cobosi nom. nov. and comb. nov. is proposed for Cardiophorus inflatus Cobos. We provide diagnoses and illustrated descriptions for the new genera and their types.

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