Marbling and ageing - Part 2. Consumer perception of sensory quality


Ngapo, T.M., Riendeau, L., Laberge, C., Fortin, J. (2013). Marbling and ageing - Part 2. Consumer perception of sensory quality. Food Research International, [online] 51(2), 985-991.


Studies have shown that ageing of pork has a positive effect on its eating quality, but often these studies are limited to a trained sensory panel. The objective of this work was to investigate the influence of ageing on the sensory properties of grilled pork as perceived by the consumer. Sixty pork loins aged 2, 6, 8, 10 or 12. days were evaluated by 98 consumers. Only tenderness was sufficiently influenced by the ageing period to be perceived by the consumer, being more tender at 6 to 12. days than 2. days (P. <. 0.001). Sex, however, influenced tenderness (P. <. 0.001), juiciness (P. <. 0.001) and taste liking (P. <. 0.015), being stronger in pork from female pigs than castrates. No evidence was found to suggest that current ageing practices are not optimal for both the trait originally intended, tenderness, and for perceived taste. © 2012 .

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