Major barley


Legge, W.G., Tucker, J.R., Fetch, T.G., Haber, S., Menzies, J.G., Noll, J.S., Tekauz, A., Turkington, T.K., Savard, M.E. (2013). Major barley. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, [online] 93(2), 291-297.


Major is a hulled two-row spring malting barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivar widely adapted to western Canada. Developed from the cross Rivers/Newdale made in 1999, Major was evaluated in the Western Cooperative Two-row Barley Registration Test (2006-2007) and the Collaborative Malting Barley Trials (2007-2008) conducted by the malting and brewing industry before being registered in 2009. Major has an excellent combination of agronomic traits and disease resistance with malting quality similar to AC Metcalfe, a cultivar widely used commercially by the malting and brewing industry in domestic and export markets.