Jordan oat


Fetch, J.W.M., Brown, P.D., Duguid, S.D., Ames, N., Chong, J., Fetch, T.G., Haber, S.M., Menzies, J.G., Stadnyk, K.D. (2009). Jordan oat, 89(1), 67-71.


Jordan is a high-yielding, white-hulled spring oat (Avena sativa L.) cultivar postulated to carry the crown rust resistance combination Pc38, Pc39, and Pc68, which was effective against the prevalent pathotypes of crown rust races on the Canadian prairies at the time of its release. It has very good resistance to loose and covered smut, moderately good resistance to most of the prairie stem rust races (likely due to the presence of Pg2 and Pg13) and moderate tolerance to barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV). Jordan has high kernel weight, high percent plump kernels, and low percent thin kernels. Jordan exhibits high yielding capacity in the oat growing areas of western Canada. Jordan was supported for registration at the Prairie Grain Development Committee Meeting in February 2005.