International preferences for pork appearance: I. Consumer choices


Ngapo, T.M., Martin, J.F., Dransfield, E. (2007). International preferences for pork appearance: I. Consumer choices. Food Quality and Preference, [online] 18(1), 26-36.


Using the same digital photographs of pork chops varying systematically in fat cover, colour, marbling and drip, 12,590 consumers from 23 countries each selected their preferred chop. Preferences differed considerably between individuals, between groups and between countries when comparing equivalent subsets of consumers taken from each country. Most choices were based on two appearance characteristics. Overall, both dark and light red pork were preferred equally and often with low fat cover. Preference for the light red pork was frequently chosen in association with no drip. Low fat cover was preferred by the majority of consumers, particularly in Poland, Finland and Mexico. Strong characteristic pork preferences were given by consumers in Ireland (the majority preferring light red, lean, no marbling and no drip), Australia (light red, lean, no marbling), Korea (marbled), Taiwan (dark red and lean) and Poland (lean). Effective marketing of pork should respond to the differing consumer preferences. © 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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