The Genus Paratylenchus Micoletzky, 1922 in Canada (Nematoda: Paratylenchidae).


Yu, Q. (2009). "The Genus Paratylenchus Micoletzky, 1922 in Canada (Nematoda: Paratylenchidae).", International Journal of Nematology, 19(2), pp. 159-166.


Based on preserved mounted specimens from the Canadian National Collection of Nematodes, species of Paratylenchus from Canada are compared and illustrated. Canadian species of Paratylenchus are: P. aciculus, P. robustus, P. aculentus, P. audriellus, P. neoprojectus, P. tenuicaudatus, P. hamatus, P. projectus, P. tateae, P. brevihastus, P. labiosus, and P. variabilis. Distribution data, hosts of, and a key to the species are also provided. P. projectus was the most common species, recorded from 8 provinces followed by P. hamatus. P. variabilis was the rare species only found in British Columbia. The province of Ontario with 9 species had greater numbers of species than any of the other provinces, followed by Québec with 8 species, and Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan with one species each. No species were recorded from the province of Newfoundland, Yukon, Northwest or Nunavut territories. Grasses are the most common host plants: 11 out of the 12 species were found associated with grasses, with the exception of P. audriellus.

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