Genomics-assisted breeding of oat at agriculture and agri-food Canada (Poster & Oral presentation)



Plain language summary

The poster and oral presentations showed the evaluation of genomic selection or the use of genetic profiles of candidate cultivars to predict their performance in AAFC oat breeding programs.


The AAFC oat breeding and genomics team developed genotyping-by-sequencing pipelines (Tinker, et al., 2016; Bekele, et al., 2018; Bekele, et al., 2020) and used them to apply genomic selection (GS) to two working oat breeding programs at AAFC. The team used advanced breeding lines as a training set to predict the performance of early-stage breeding lines and conducted forward validation experiments, including a head-to-head comparison with visually-selected lines (Yan, et al., 2019). This presentation will share some lessons learned from applying GS to working breeding programs.