Factors affecting the eating quality of pork


Ngapo, T.M. and Gariépy, C. (2008). "Factors affecting the eating quality of pork.", Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 48(7), pp. 599-633. doi : 10.1080/10408390701558126


In the last decade studies with the specific objective of improving the sensory quality of pork have come to the forefront of meat research, likely a result of consumer complaints of blandness levelled against modern lean meat and the frequent reference to the more strongly flavored meat that was available years ago. Regardless of the lack of scientific evidence to substantiate or refute these claims, the consumer perception of deteriorated quality is real and presents a challenge for the pork industry. Hence, this review has been undertaken with the aim of providing insight into potential sources of amelioration of the eating quality of fresh pork. Existing works are collated, encompassing animal effects, such as, species, breed, muscle type, fat, and ultimate pH, as well as environmental influences, including pre-slaughter conditions of and housing and exercise, and post-slaughter parameters, such as, electrical stimulation, chilling, and cooking. Copyright © Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

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