Evaluation of native Hemiptera for biocontrol in Canadian tomato crops


Desloges Baril, P., Des Marteaux, L., Labbé, R. Mlynarek, J., and VanLaerhoven, S. 2021. Evaluation of native Hemiptera for biocontrol in Canadian tomato crops. Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention Virtual (Niagara Falls)

Plain language summary

Canadian greenhouse growers need effective and ecologically-friendly solutions to control pests of tomatoes. We surveyed the Sudbury region to find Ontario-native insect predators that may function to control tomato pests, and identified two candidate true bug species. We will now test whether these bugs can effectively control whitefly on enclosed tomato plants in the field.


Canadian greenhouse growers are faced with the challenge of controlling pest insects amidst increasing insecticide resistance and deregulation of many conventional insecticides. Native predacious insects may be a promising biocontrol solution, therefore I surveyed the Greater Sudbury region for predacious hemipterans in two families (Miridae and Nabidae) in disturbed and undisturbed habitats. Of the many predators surveyed, two Dicyphus species appear to be the most promising candidates for greenhouse biocontrol.

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