Do haskap varieties keep their promises in northern Québec?


Lajeunesse, J., M. Bellemare, P. Lafontaine, A.-A. Couture, J. Brière, P.-O. Martel. 2023. Do haskap varieties keep their promises in northern Québec? Affiche scientifique présentée à The Canadian Tri-Society Meeting à Ottawa, ON, du 17 au 21 juin 2023.


Haskap (Lonicera caerulea) is an extremely hardy plant with early ripening fruits. To reduce production costs, the introduction of high-yielding cultivars suitable for mechanized harvesting under our conditions is essential for growers, but there is a lack of information on the productivity and characteristics of new varieties. In 2020, fourteen (14) varieties, including two controls (Berry blue and Indigo Gem), were planted under plastic mulch with an irrigation system in three replications at Normandin. In 2021, yields ranged from 4.5 g to 89.7 g of fruit per plant. Boreal Beauty and Boreal Blizzard had the highest yields (89.7 g plant-1 and 80.4 g plant-1, respectively), while Blue Banana had the lowest yield (4.5 g plant-1 ). In 2022, fresh fruit yields ranged from 22.8 g plant-1 to 382.1 g plant-1. Again, Blue Banana had the lowest yields and Kapu (Solo) (382.1 g plant-1) had the highest yields with Boreal Beauty (376.9 g plant-1). A plant with an erect growth habit is more suitable for mechanical harvesting. The cultivars Vicky (Zojka) and Indigo Gem had a spreading growth habit, while the other 12 cultivars tested had an erect growth habit. At this point, several varieties show promise. However, blue banana yields have been disappointing in the two years of evaluation. The plants of the tested varieties are not mature and more data on agronomic performance and plant development are needed to determine which of these varieties have the best yield potential and desired characteristics for the target market.

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