DNA barcodes reveal 63 overlooked species of canadian beetles (Insecta, coleoptera)


Pentinsaari, M., Anderson, R., Borowiec, L., Bouchard, P., Brunke, A., Douglas, H., Smith, A.B.T., Hebert, P.D.N. (2019). DNA barcodes reveal 63 overlooked species of canadian beetles (Insecta, coleoptera). ZooKeys, [online] 2019(894), 53-150. http://dx.doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.894.37862

Plain language summary

The beetle fauna of Canada is relatively well-known because of the publication in 2013 of a checklist that document more than 8000 in this country. The introduction of new species in Canada, due to global trade and climate change, continue to occur unfortunately. By using available DNA barcodes extracted from Canadian beetles, we were able to document, in this publication, 63 species to the Canadian fauna. The majority of these are recently-established adventive species, some are native species not previously known to occur in Canada.


This study demonstrates the power of DNA barcoding to detect overlooked and newly arrived taxa. Sixty-three species of Coleoptera representing 25 families are studied based on DNA barcode data and morphological analysis of the barcoded specimens. Three of the species involve synonymies or previous taxonomic confusion in North America, while the first Canadian records are published for 60 species. Forty-two species are adventive in North America, and 40 of these adventive species originate from the Palaearctic region. Three genera are recorded from the Nearctic region for the first time: Coelostoma Brullé, 1835 (Hydrophilidae), Scydmoraphes Reitter, 1891 (Staphylinidae), and Lythraria Bedel, 1897 (Chrysomelidae). Two new synonymies are established: Mycetoporus triangulatus Campbell, 1991 (Staphylinidae) is a junior synonym of Mycetoporus reichei Pandellé, 1869, syn. nov. while Bledius philadelphicus Fall, 1919 (Staphyli-nidae) is a junior synonym of Bledius gallicus (Gravenhorst, 1806), syn. nov. The previously suggested move of Ctenicera tigrina (Fall, 1901) to the genus Pseudanostirus Dolin, 1964 (Elateridae) is formalized, resulting in Pseudanostirus tigrinus (Fall, 1901), comb. nov.

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