Checklists of the hymenoptera of canada, alaska and greenland - introduction


Bennett, A.M.R. (2021). Checklists of the hymenoptera of canada, alaska and greenland - introduction. Journal of Hymenoptera Research, [online] 82 1-19.

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This paper summarizes a series of ten checklists that will be published on the distributions of all of the species of the insect order Hymenoptera (ants, bees and wasps) recorded in northern North America (Canada, Alaska and Greenland). In total, 9237 species are recorded in 83 families. Within Canada, 8922 species are recorded. Provincial and territorial distributions of all Canadian species will be provided as well as a discussion on the relative diversity of these regions and an overall comparison of the diversity of Hymenoptera in northern North America compared to several countries in the Northern Hemisphere.


The distribution of described, extant species of the insect order Hymenoptera recorded from northern North America will be published in a series of ten checklists. In total, 9250 species in 27 superfamilies and 84 families are recorded from Canada, the state of Alaska (USA) and Greenland (Denmark). Within northern North America, 8933 species are recorded in Canada (96.6% of the total species), Alaska has 1513 (16.4%) and Greenland has 205 (2.2%). Within Canada, Ontario is the province with the most species recorded (5322, 57.5% of all species in northern North America), followed by Quebec (4207, 45.5%) and British Columbia (4063, 43.9%). At the family level, Ontario has 82 of the 84 recorded families, Quebec has 76 and British Columbia has 71. The most species-rich superfamilies in northern North America are Ichneumonoidea (4438 species, 48.0% of the total); Apoidea (1438, 15.5%) and Chalcidoidea (1246, 13.5%). The largest families are Ichneumonidae (3201 species, 34.6% of the total), Braconidae (1237, 13.4%), Tenthredinidae (573, 6.2%), Eulophidae (379, 4.1%) and Pteromalidae (309, 3.3%). Overall species richness of the Hymenoptera in northern North America is compared with surveys in Russia, Germany, Finland and the British Isles.

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