Aroma and flavour properties of Saskatchewan grown field peas (Pisum sativum L.)


Malcolmson, L., Frohlich, P., Boux, G., Bellido, A.S., Boye, J., Warkentin, T.D. (2014). Aroma and flavour properties of Saskatchewan grown field peas (Pisum sativum L.). Canadian Journal of Plant Science, [online] 94(8), 1419-1426.


The aroma and flavour properties of cooked field peas (Pisum sativum L.) were evaluated by a trained sensory panel. Two to four cultivars within four market classes of pea (yellow, green, marrowfat and dun) grown in two locations in Saskatchewan over 2 crop years were evaluated. Panelists found the greatest differences in aroma and flavour properties among market classes, although significant differences were also found among crop year for the aroma attributes of cooked vegetable, earthy, brothy, grainy, hay-like and metallic and the flavour attributes of pea and bitterness. There was also a significant cultivar by crop year interaction for metallic and pea flavor. Dun peas had low intensity scores for sweetness, bitterness and pea flavour. Both green and marrowfat peas had high intensity scores for sweetness and pea flavour. Green peas also had high intensity scores for pea, cooked vegetable, earthy and metallic aroma. Yellow peas had high intensity scores for pea flavour and pea, cooked vegetable and earthy aroma. Differences were found among the four cultivars of yellow peas for bitterness, pea flavour, and pea and earthy aroma. For green peas, differences were found among the three cultivars for pea flavour and aroma. The only difference found among the two cultivars of marrowfat peas was for sweetness. No differences were found between the two cultivars of dun peas. For all pea market classes, milder flavour and aroma may be beneficial in some whole pea or pea flour applications.

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