AAC synergy barley


Legge, W.G., Tucker, J.R., Fetch, T.G., Haber, S., Menzies, J.G., Tekauz, A., Turkington, T.K., Savard, M.E. (2014). AAC synergy barley. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, [online] 94(4), 797-803. http://dx.doi.org/10.4141/CJPS2013-307


AAC Synergy is a hulled two-row spring malting barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivar with high yield and is widely adapted to western Canada. Developed from the cross TR02267/Newdale made in 2002, AAC Synergy was evaluated in the Western Cooperative Two-row Barley Registration Test (2009-2010) and the Collaborative Malting Barley Trials (2010-2011) conducted by the malting and brewing industry before being registered in 2012. AAC Synergy's excellent combination of agronomic traits, disease resistance and desirable malting quality traits should make it a useful cultivar for producers and the malting and brewing industry.