AAC Innova general purpose spring wheat


Randhawa, H.S., Graf, R.J., Sadasivaiah, R.S. (2015). AAC Innova general purpose spring wheat. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, [online] 95(4), 787-791. http://dx.doi.org/10.4141/cjps-2015-024


AAC Innova is a high-yielding spring wheat cultivar eligible for the Canada Western General Purpose (CWGP) wheat class. Based on 32 site-years of testing over 3 yr in the General Purpose Wheat Cooperative Registration trial (2008–2010), AAC Innova yielded 4% higher than AC Andrew and was 1 d later in maturity. Compared with AC Andrew, AAC Innova had similar test weight and the soft white kernels were slightly larger. AAC Innova was resistant to the prevalent races of leaf rust and was resistant to moderately resistant to stem rust and leaf spotting diseases. It was susceptible to common bunt, loose smut and Fusarium head blight.