Yves Michaud

Groundwater Geoscience program manager

Geomorphology, hydrogeology

Current research and/or projects

What is the focus of your study?

After completing my Master’s at Université Laval on rock slopes evolution in lac Guillaume-Delisle, northern Quebec, I undertook my Ph.D. studies and graduated in 1992, at Queen’s University.  My Ph.D. thesis was titled: « The mechanics of bedrock frost heaving in permafrost regions ». I started my career at GSC-Québec in 1990.  I have been involved in several major projects, including a project on climate change, 2 projects on permafrost mapping and dynamics in Nunavik, and 3 projects on regional hydrogeology mapping in the Laurentian Piedmont, Maritimes carboniferous Basin, and Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. My contributions range from geomorphic processes dynamics, to mapping (permafrost and groundwater), relational data management, and managing research projects comprising some 30 people, with a dozen researchers.

In the scope of my present position, I contribute to the development of the scientific program at GSC-Québec and to the delivery of the Groundwater program through the management of human, financial and technical resources.  I am also responsible for the division’s research infrastructures and a member on several interdepartmental and international committees, such as the Council of Great Lakes Research Managers of the International Joint Commission.

What is the significance of your research?

Our work aims to provide Canadians with an abundant and sustainable supply of good quality water, now and in the future, to evaluate the available groundwater supply of drinking water by mapping and studying the main Canadian aquifers thus ensuring the sustainability of the resource.

Education and awards


Ph.D.: Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, 1992

M.Sc.: Université Laval, 1986


AQQUA Award, 1987: "Best student contribution in GpQ".

Earth Sciences Sector (NRCan) Merit Award, 2000

Quebec Federal Council, 2003 

Key publications