Yann Côté-Nadeau

Image Yann Côté-Nadeau
Multidisciplinary Hydrographer

Yann Côté-Nadeau is an hydrographer of the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) whose role is to chart Canadian waterways, in order to ensure commercial navigation and boating safety. After his studies in geomatics, Yann steered his career choices around the maritime area in order to diversify his experiences, including surveying, dredging, and hydrography.  Now, as a multidisciplinary hydrographer, he works to acquire depth data, detect hazards to navigation, measure water levels and produce marine charts.  This information allows the continuous update of charts and other publications of CHS including Canadian Tide and Currents Tables.  The challenges in the field of hydrography are diverse when considering the safety of navigation is vital to the vast marine areas of Canada.