Veronique Lesage

Research scientist

Research on Conservation and Biology of Marine Mammals

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Current research and/or projects

Dr. Véronique Lesage joined the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in 2000, as a research scientist working on cetaceans in the Quebec region. She is a member of the committee of scientific advisors for the Society of Marine Mammalogy, and of the research groups Quebec Ocean and Arcticnet. Dr. Lesage has been studying marine mammals since 1990. Her past research has examined habitat use and foraging ecology of harbour seals in Atlantic Canada, and effects of manmade noise and vessel traffic on beluga whales in both the St Lawrence Estuary and northern Quebec (Nunavik).Current research involves studies on trophic relationships, foraging ecology, spatial use and movements of beluga whales, fin whales, blue whales and harbour porpoises, population dynamics of beluga whales, harbour porpoise-commercial fisheries interactions, and effects of manmade noise and vessel traffic on beluga, and blue whales

Research and/or project statements

Professional activities / interests

Professor at:

  • Laval University, Quebec
  • University of Quebec in Rimouski, ISMER

Education and awards

M.Sc. Biology (1994) Laval University, Qubec

Ph.D. Biology (1999) University of Waterloo, Ontario

B.Sc. Biology (1990) Laval University, Quebec

Key publications

Primary Publications:

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  20. Doniol-Valcroze, T., Lesage, V., Giard, J., Michaud, R. In press. Optimal foraging theory predicts diving and feeding strategies of the largest marine predator. Behavioural Ecology

Secondary Publications:

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