Véronique Delisle, Ing., Ph.D.

Image Véronique Delisle
Project manager

Véronique Delisle is a project manager in the renewable energy integration group at the CanmetENERGY research center in Varennes. She leads various activities related to building-integrated photovoltaics, distributed energy resource flexibility, flexible load control, smart communities and pathway modeling for the decarbonization of the electric grid.

Her role is to:

- Plan research activities
- Monitor results, budget and schedule
- Submit activity reports to funding agencies
- Develop key partnerships with other government agencies, product manufacturers, developers and utilities
- Develop project proposals 
- Review standards and codes for solar photovoltaic technology 
- Present group activities at regional, national and international conferences

Current research and/or projects

  • Testing, characterization, and support of VRE and smart grid resources and devices
  • Improving technology-grid interface and interoperability to support grid modernization
  • Variable renewable energy resources and electrified grid-active neighbourhoods, communities, and cities
  • Low carbon regional and national electric grids and energy systems

Research and/or project statements

  • Develop, publish and apply generic methods and models for calculating the flexibility potential of individual loads. 
  • Contribute to the selection and maintenace of of PV and building-integrated PV related standards.
  • Develop and test control algorithms to dynamically use the flexibility from loads.
  • Develop a living lab to integrate and validate flexibility control strategies
  • Research renewable and grid modernization pathways at the regional and national levels

Professional activities / interests

  • Chair of the Handbook Subcommittee and voting member of ASHRAE TC 6.7 Solar and Other Renewables
  • Chair of the CSA IEC 63092 committee for the adoption of a building-integrated photovoltaics standard in Canada
  • Canadian expert representative for the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Program Task 15 on building-integrated photovoltaics

Education and awards

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal, 2016
  • Master of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo, 2007
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal, 2005

International experience and/or work

  • Participation as a Canadian expert in the International Energy Agency  Photovoltaic Power Systems Program Task 15 on building-integrated photovoltaics 
  • Participation as a Canadian expert in the International Energy Agency Task 40 Solar Heating and Cooling Program on net-zero energy buildings

Key publications

Book chapters

W. O’Brien, P. Bourdoukan, V. Delisle et S. Yip. (2015). NetZEB Design Processes and Tools. Modelling, Design and Optimization of Net-Zero Energy Buildings, Wiley and Sons.

A. Athienitis, M. Cellura, Chen,Y., V. Delisle, P. Bourdoukan and K. Kapsis. Modelling and Design of NetZEBs as Integrated Energy Systems. Modelling, Design and Optimization of Net-Zero Energy Buildings, Wiley and Sons.

Scientific journals

N. Martin-Chivelet, K. Kapsis, H. R. Wilson, V. Delisle, R. Yang, L. Olivieri, J. Polo, J. Eisenlohr, B. Roy, L. Maturi, G. Otnes, M. Dallapiccola and V.M. Pabasara Upalakshi Wijeratne. (2022). Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) products and systems: A review of energy-related behavior. Energy and Buildigns, 262, 111998.

J.-H. Kim, J.-S. Yu, E. Gaucher-Loksts, B. Roy, V. Delisle and J.-T. Kim. (2022). Performance Assessment of an Air-Type BIPVT Collector with Perforated Baffles through Indoor and Outdoor Experiments. Energies, 15 (10), 2779.

V. Delisle and M. Kummert. (2016). Cost-Benefit Analysis of Integrating BIPV-T Air Systems into Energy-Efficient Homes. Solar Energy, 136, pp. 385-400.

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V. Delisle and M. Kummert. (2012). Experimental Study to Characterize the Performance of Combined Photovoltaic/Thermal Air Collectors. Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, Transactions of the ASME, 134 (3). 


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J. Maayan Tardif, J. Tamasauskas, V. Delisle and M. Kegel. (2016). Performance of Air Based BIPV/T Heat Management Strategies in a Canadian Home. International Conference on Sustainable Synergies from Buildings to the Urban Scale (SBE 2016). Thessaloniki, Greece.

V. Delisle. (2011). Net-Zero Energy Homes: Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Scenario Analysis Based on Current and Future Costs. Conférence ASHRAE 2010. Montréal, Canada.

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V. Delisle and M.R. Collins. (2007). TRNSYS Model of a PV/Thermal Unglazed Transpired Solar Collector. Conférence du réseau de recherche sur les bâtiments solaires 2007. Calgary, Canada.

D. Picard, M. Bernier and V. Delisle. (2006). On the Combined Effect of Wastewater Heat Recovery and Solar Domestic Hot Water. Conférence du réseau de recherche sur les bâtiments solaires 2006. Montréal, Canada.

Research facility

1615 Lionel-Boulet Blvd.
Varennes, QC J3X 1S6



Member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec