Vern Singhroy PhD. P: Eng.

Senior Research Scientist

Geological/Geohazard Remote Sensing: Chief Scientist, RADARSAT Constellation Mission

Dr Singhroy has published over 300 papers and maps in refereed journals, books, and conference proceedings. These can be obtained from GEOSCAN in Natural Resources Canada.

Current research and/or projects

  • InSAR monitoring techniques for oil sands mining activities.

Land motion related to subsurface fluid injection for oil and gas exploration needs to be carefully monitored by the regulators and exploration companies. Land uplift ranging from a few millimetres to tens of centimetres over a time period of a few months to several years can occur when steam is injected to extract the oil. Working with the Alberta regulators, Dr. Singhroy is using satellite radar interferometric techniques (InSAR) to monitor heaving (uplift) to maximize the oil recovery process and ensure safe mining using steam injection technology.

  • InSAR landslide monitoring along Canada’s strategic energy and transportation corridors.

Dr Singhroy uses RADARSAT interferometric techniques integrated with other in-situ measurements to monitor slow moving landslides that are affecting our transportation and energy corridors. He also used InSAR techniques to assist in Haiti reconstruction after the 2010 earthquake and to monitor high-risk landsides in Indian Himalayas under the Canada-India bi- lateral scientific program.  

  • Chief Scientist: Canada’s RADARSAT Constellation Mission to be launched 2018.

Canada is a world leader in earth observation (EO) technologies and applications. RADARSAT-1 and RADARSAT-2 are two sophisticated EO satellites used to monitor environmental changes and the planet's natural resources. The new RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) consists of three smaller satellites to be launched in the fall 2018. Dr. Singhroy is the chief scientist of the RCM and is currently developing image interpretation techniques for RADARSAT rapid revisit monitoring for resource extraction and geohazards. He also provide advice to the Canadian Space Agency on the development of new applications in compact polarimetry and rapid revisits related to the RADARSAT Constellation Mission

  • Geological Remote Sensing.

Singhroy integrates RADARSAT images with other optical satellite images to map the surficial geology and rock types in northern Canada. He also co- supervise Ph.D. research at the Dept. of Earth Sciences at McMaster, University of New Brunswick and University of Western Ontario on:1.Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for mineral exploration in Northern Canada. 2. Polarimetric radar images to characterize surface roughness and litho-structural units of impact craters in the Canadian Arctic as Mars analogue studies.

Education and awards

Ph.D. in Environmental and Resources Engineering, State University of New York, Syracuse.

P: Eng, Professional Engineer, Ontario

2004: ASTM, International Engineering Standards, Special Service Award, ASTM, USA.
2010: Canadian Remote Sensing Society Gold Medal Award.
2012: Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal, Gov’t of Canada, Natural Resources, Canada.
2014: Natural Resources Canada, Deputy Minister: Career Achievement Award.

Key publications

Singhroy, V. et al. (2018). InSAR monitoring of pipeline routes.  IEEE-IGARSS Valencia, .pp 212-215. 978-1-5386-7150-4/18.

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Professor, Earth Observation, International Space University, Strasbourg France.

Adjunct Professor, University of New Brunswick, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Planetary and Space Sciences.