Vanessa Beaulac

Image Vanessa J. Beaulac
Manager, Emergencies Science and Technology

A results-driven, forward thinking scientist who strives to advance scientific knowledge by encouraging scientific leadership, excellence, and accessibility in research and emergencies science.


Vanessa is responsible for managing the Emergencies Science and Technology Section (ESTS) of Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The ESTS is a multi-disciplinary team whose research advances the knowledge base essential for government decision making, academic advancement, and scientific resolution of questions related to environmental emergencies, including oil and chemical spill fate and behaviour, environmental impact, and emergency response options.

The ESTS has the capacity to:

  • Conduct short- and long-term fate, behaviour, counter-measure and forensic  research;
  • Undertake surveys for baseline characterization of shorelines across Canada;
  • Perform advanced spill trajectory modeling for oil and other chemicals;
  • Deploy emergency responders and equipment in support of emergency response and recovery activities; and
  • Provide scientific advice in support of decision-making.