Tony Savard, Ph.D.

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Research Scientist

Create, manage and realise research projects responding to priorities of the sector, the industry and the department that help to maintain a competitive, resilient adn innovative sector.

Current research and/or projects

Fermentation and food preservation is a key factor in the Canadian economy and plays a major role in the health of Canadians. Tony Savard has developed a unique expertise in Canada in the fermentation of fruits, vegetables and beverages as well as in the preservation of food and protection against pathogenic microorganisms. Specialized in Microbiology, he has developed in the last 25 years, in close collaboration with the industry, processes and Starters which avoid the use of pasteurization or chemical preservatives, thus adding value to food and a functional components to respond to the growing consumer demand. In parallel, he worked to develop processes allowing to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the food and to ensure its safety

Research and/or project statements

• Transformation of vegetables by fermentation, microbial ecology and validation of their wholesomeness and functional attributes

• Formulation of a new mixed starter for the fermentation of vegetables (sauerkraut, Kimchi and pickles)

• Anti-microbial protection of frozen and partly dried vegetables and fruit before freezing by coating and spraying

• Microbiological Validation of Hurdles Technologies for Non-Regulated pH Zones in the Canned Vegetables Industry

• Evaluation and implementation of bioprotection and competition biofilm in the food industry

• Processes and Stabilities of Kombucha Fermented Tea

Professional activities / interests

• Design, direct and carry out research and collaboration projects

• Reviews of scientific journals and books

• Direction and co-direction of graduate students, Teaching in University (INAF, University of Sherbrooke, Laval, Montreal)

• Members and President of the Transfo: Inno Scholarships, Ethics Committee in Science, etc.

Education and awards

Grants and Honorific Distinctions

- AAFC Science Achievement Awards 2014 Savard, T., Barrette, J. Multipurpose Technology Platform for the Lactic Fermentation of Fresh Produce.

- Prix Reconnaissance 125 ans d’AAC 2011

- Prix des Partenaires fédéraux en transfert de technologie PFTT 2007

- Prix d’Excellence Partenariat-Recherche 2002 d’Agriculture et Agro-Alimentaire

- Bourse Doctorale du Conseil de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles et Génie  (CRSNG) 1995-1997 (17,500$)

- Bourse du Fonds pour la Formation de Chercheurs et d'Aide à la Recherche (FCAR) 1994-1997 (13,000$), niveau doctoral

- Bourse du Fonds pour la Formation de Chercheurs et d'Aide à la Recherche (FCAR) 1994 (11,000$), niveau maîtrise


Academic Qualitfications


Bachelor Microbiology, 1993. University of Sherbrooke

Master NeuroPhysiology, 1995 (with Mention). University of Sherbrooke

Doctorate Microbiology, 2001. University of Sherbrooke

International experience and/or work

Responsible for several technology transfers in Canada and International:

Technology transfer combination of organic acids. EFI 2014, Technology transfer of a fermentation process using CBFC sauerkraut juice, 2014, Technology transfer of a freeze-drying process on CBFC plant medium, 2014,. Technological transfer of the BLAC starter in Luzhou in China 2016-2017. Mission Head and Representative at the Ministry of Science. Technology transfer of starters at Yamatoyo Co., Japan, Leuchtenberg Sauerkraut Fabrik, Germany and Hungary with Team Canada

Management Experience

• Acting RDT Director

• Acting associate RDT Director

• President and member of several ministerial committees (Ethics, Inclusiveness, Policy of scientific publications, etc.)

Key publications

Key Publications:

  • Zareifard, M.R., Savard, T (3), Marcotte, M, Lecompte, J.Y., Grabowski, S. 2015. Combined Effects of Mild Acidification and Thermal Treatment on Color and Texture of Green beans. Int. J Food Properties. 18:8, pp 1847-1862
  • Gagné, M.J., Barrette, J., Savard, T (2)., Brassard, J.,  2015. Evaluation of survival of Murine norovirus - during sauerkraut fermentation.  Food Microbiol. 52 pp. 119-123
  • Savard, T., 2016. The open access ethical paradox in an open government effort. Research Integrity and Peer Review 2016, 1(Suppl 1):CS24.1
  • Champagne, C.P., Moineau, S., Lafleur, S., Savard, T. 2017. The effect of bacteriophages on the acidification of a vegetable juice medium by microencapsulated Lactobacillus plantarum. Food Microbiology (63), 28-34.
  • Savard, T. and Champagne, C.P. 2017. The addition of sodium citrate can reduce residual levels of carbohydrates and increase bacterial counts in a fermented mixed vegetables medium. Food Biosciences. 18, 34-37
  • Champagne, C., Savard, T., Beaulieu, C. 2017. A potential killer yeast to control secondary fermentation in vegetables. J. Food Microbiol, 1(1). 14-21
  • Lapointe, C., Deschênes, L., Ells, T.C., Bisaillon, Y., Savard, T.* 2019. Interactions between spoilage bacteria in tri-species biofilms developed under simulated meat processing conditions. Food Microbiology, 82, 515-522.

Book Chapter:

Savard, T. 2011. Vegetables: Fermentation applications In: Encyclopedia of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food. Ed. Heldmam, Wheeler and Hover CRC Press. Page 668-672



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Savard, Boucher, Champagne


• Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Université de Sherbrooke

• Researcher Member of the Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods INAF

• Member of American Society of Microbiology, Pickles Pakers International, Association of Microbiologists of Quebec

• Collaborator to Initia Foundation and Quebec Food Processing Council (CTAQ)



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