Thomas Levy, M.A.Sc.; P.Eng.

Image Thomas Levy
Senior Wind Engineer

Lead the wind group for CanmetENERGY-Ottawa.  Research is undertaken within three distinct areas – grid integration; resource assessment; Northern and remote communities.

Current research and/or projects

Direct and plan research activities related to wind energy, including the provision of technical support to other Government departments.  In this role, lead wind group activities in areas including grid integration of utility scale wind, resource assessment and Northern and remote communities.  Current projects include:

  • Creation of a Utility Forum to exchange information, to plan, carry out and report on grid integration research, including supporting and coordination support for the execution of field demonstrations of wind plant capabilities

  • Work with external stakeholders on the ongoing development and validation of advanced wind forecasting capabilities, building off existing capabilities of Environment Canada

  • Support the analysis of offshore wind energy potential alongside other government departments

  • Provision of analytical support related to the potential use for wind and solar energy to reduce dependence on diesel fuel in the northern and remote communities in the Canada.

Research and/or project statements

  • Grid integration work alongside utilities will offer opportunities for the Government to support convening utilities, enable discussions involving necessary research to support utility needs, and jointly planning, executing and reporting research results

  • Forecasting work aims to make further use of, and expand the value of current Environment Canada models, enabling greater access to a public asset that can be leveraged by utilities for their use

  • Work supporting the analysis of offshore wind energy potential is intended to provide information to policy experts, support decision making, highlighting areas of potential development interest and to inform future work programs and studies.

  • remote community work intends to provide an unbiased review of renewable energy options in northern regions of Canada, including the provision of reproducible analyses to inform policy decisions with an aim to help reduce the dependence on diesel in the Canadian North

Professional activities / interests

- utility scale wind and solar energy

- grid integration of non-synchronous generators/inverter based sources of generation

- energy systems integration

- electricity markets

Education and awards

B.Eng., Environmental Engineering, Carleton University, 1999

M.A.Sc., Environmental Engineering, Carleton University, 2003

P.Eng., Professional Engineers Ontario, ~ 2005

Research facility

1 Haanel Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 1M1


Masters of Applied Science (M.A.Sc), Carleton University

Professional Engineer, registered with Professional Engineers Ontario (P.Eng.)