Terry Sowden

Environmental Information Manager
Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Current research and/or projects

Mr. Sowden's role in the Division is to help manage its information resources and needs. This work embraces both data management and computer systems technology. Some current activities include the management of several information systems. These include: a Dataset Inventory (SCIDAT), Pacific Region's Contaminants Information System (NCIS), a system to track science advice (HABSATS), and a freshwater temperature archive system (WATEMP). In addition, Terry participates in a variety of regional and national working groups that deal with a host of information management issues.

Mr. Sowden holds a M. Sc. in Biology and worked as a fisheries biologist for several years. Subsequently, Terry cross-trained as a systems professional and has more than ten years' experience developing information systems in the private and public sectors, including some international experience. Terry joined the Department in 1992.