Sylvia Thomas

Image Sylvia J Thomas
Project Leader

Support the management of key projects and horizontal files within the Science and Technology subdivision, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS).

Current research and/or projects

Project management support for ‘Earth Observation Baseline Data for Cumulative Effects’.  The project aims to develop status and trends data describing environmental variables and support the application of this data to establish baseline conditions in regional assessments, with a goal to enhance the use of earth observation and geospatial data in impact assessment.

Sector Coordinator for the SE-RES Career Progression Process.

Support to subdivision horizontal files.

Education and awards

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Minor in Management, McGill University.

Key publications

Hall, R.J., van der Sanden, J.J., Freeburn J.T. and Thomas, S.J., 2016. Remote sensing of natural disturbance caused by insect defoliation and dieback: a review; Geomatics Canada, Open File 25, 47 p. doi: 10.4095/299044.

Thomas, S.J., A. Deschamps, R. Landry, J.J. van der Sanden, and R.J. Hall.  Mapping Insect Defoliation Using Multi-temporal Landsat Data.  30th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing Proceedings, June 22-25, 2007.

J.J. van der Sanden, A. Deschamps, S.J. Thomas, R. Landry and R.J. Hall.  Using MERIS to Assess Insect Defoliation in Canadian Aspen Forests. Proceedings International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium/27th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, July 31-Aug. 4, 2006.

Van der Sanden, J.J, S.J. Thomas, T.I. Lukowski, F.J. Charbonneau, R. DeAbreu, R.K. Hawkins, C.E. Livingstone, H. McNairn, B. Scheuchl, V. Singhroy, Th. Toutin, R. Touzi, and P.W. Vachon.  Applications Potential of RADARSAT-2 – Update.  Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium Proceedings, 2005. 

Vachon, P.W., P. Adlakha, H. Edel, M. Henschel, B. Ramsay, M. Rey, D. Flett, G. Staples, and S. Thomas. Canadian Progress Toward Marine and Coastal Applications of Synthetic Aperture Radar.  Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest, Volume 21, Number 1 (2000).

Vachon, P.W., S.J. Thomas, J. Cranton, H.R. Edel, and M.D. Henschel. Validation of Ship Detection by the RADARSAT Synthetic Aperture Radar and the Ocean Monitoring Workstation, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 26, No. 3, June 2000.

Thomas, S.J., P.W. Vachon, C.A. Bjerkelund, J. Cranton, and R.B. Olsen.  Demonstration of the RADARSAT SAR/Ocean Monitoring Workstation for Ship and Oil Spill Detection. GIS'98/RT'98 Conference Proceedings, April 6-9, 1998.