Sushil Dixit

Environmental Quality Guidelines Specialist

Current research and/or projects

Development of Environmental Quality Guidelines for the Chemicals Management Plan and for Clean, Safe and Secure Water

  • Federal Environmental Quality Guidelines for the Chemical Management Plan (CMP)
  • Environmental quality related issuess for freshwater and marine aquaculture
  • Nutrients-related issues in freshwater and coastal ecosystems

Professional activities / interests

Scientific support to FPT (Federal Provincial and Territorial) committees including Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

Scientific support to National Aquaculture Working Group of Environment Canada

Office coordinator for the Youth Employment Program "Science Horizons"

Education and awards

Ph.D. Queens's University

M.Sc. Brock University

B.Sc. A.P.S. University

Key publications

Dixit, S. 2009. Organic Waste and Feed Deposits on Bottom Sediments from Aquaculture Operations: Scientific Assessment and Guidance. Ecosystem Health: Science-based Solutions Report No. 1-14. National Guidelines and Standards Office, Environment Canada. pp. 68.

Dixit, S. and M. Brylinsky. 2008. Nutrient Standards for Canadian Coastal Waters Receiving Nutrient Inputs from Agricultural Watersheds. National Agri-Environmental Standards Initiative. Report No. 4-53. 131 p.

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Dixit, S.S., W. Keller, A.S. Dixit and J.P. Smol. 2001. Diatom-inferred dissolved organic carbon reconstructions provide assessments of past UV-B penetration in Canadian Shield lakes. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 58: 543-550.

Dixit, S.S., J.P. Smol, D.F. Charles, R.M. Hughes, S.G. Paulsen and G.B. Collins. 1999. Assessing lake water quality changes in the lakes of the northeastern United States using sediment diatoms. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 56: 131-152.

Dixit, S.S., A.S. Dixit and J.P. Smol. 1999. Lake sediment chrysophyte scales from the northeastern USA and their relationship to environmental variables. J. Phycology 35: 903-918.