Steve W. Cui, Ph.D.

Image Steve Cui
Senior Research Scientist

Dietary Fibre, Bioactive Polysaccharides, Value Added Processing and Bioproducts

Current research and/or projects

Dr. Cui’s research has been focused on value-added processing of cereals and pulses; attributes of dietary fibre, polysaccharides and other functional ingredients. Dr. Cui’s work is linked to the following strategic areas of AAFC:  improve attributes for food and non-food uses. The international collaborations he is involved with will leverage AAFC science investments to access more scientific results and enhances relations with priority countries that are important markets and partners for Canada.

Research and/or project statements

  • Incorporation of Canadian pulse-based ingredients into rice noodle targeting the Chinese population
  • Natural polysaccharide based binders/Hydrocolloids
  • Effects of water soluble polysaccharides on intestinal immune regulation and its mechanism
  • Structure analysis and biological activity of active polysaccharides from food

Professional activities / interests

  • Structure analysis of bioactive polysaccharides and dietary fibre
  • Value-added processing of crops and bioproducts
  • Healthy food products for diabetics and seniors

Education and awards

Ph.D. Food and Nutritional Sciences (Food Carbohydrates), University of Manitoba

Key publications

  1. Santiago, A., Ryland, D., Cui, S., Blewett, H., Aliani, M. (2019). Effect of milled flaxseed and storage conditions on sensory properties and selected bioactive compounds in banana and cinnamon muffins used in a clinical trial, 99(2), 831-843.

    2019 - View publication details

  2. Guo, Q., Goff, H.D., Cui, S.W. (2018). Structural characterisation of galacto-oligosaccharides (VITAGOS™) sythesized by transgalactosylation of lactose, 14 33-38.

    2018 - View publication details

  3. The 18th World Congress of Food Science and Technology; August 21-25, Dublin, Ireland.

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  4. 13th International Hydrocolloids Conference, Guelph, Ontario, May 16-20, 2016.

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  5. Zhang, J., Chen, J.M., Wang, X.X., Xia, Y.M., Cui, S.W., Li, J., Ding, Z.Y. (2016). Inhibitor or promoter? the performance of polysaccharides from: Ganoderma lucidum on human tumor cells with different p53 statuses, 7(4), 1872-1875.

    2016 - View publication details

  6. Miao, M., Jia, X., Jiang, B., Wu, S., Cui, S.W., Li, X. (2016). Elucidating molecular structure and prebiotics properties of bioengineered α-D-glucan from Leuconostoc citreum SK24.002, 54 227-233.

    2016 - View publication details

  7. Razavi, S.M.A., Cui, S.W., Ding, H. (2016). Structural and physicochemical characteristics of a novel water-soluble gum from Lallemantia royleana seed, 83 142-151.

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  8. Guo, Q., Cui, S.W., and Kang, J. (2015). "Classical Methods for Food Carbohydrate Analysis.", - Food Oligosaccharides: Production, Analysis and Bioactivity, pp. 284-299.

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    2015 - View publication details

  10. Hu, J.L., Yu, H., Kulkarni, R.R., Sharif, S., Cui, S.W., Xie, M.Y., Nie, S.P., Gong, J. (2015). Modulation of cytokine gene expression by selected Lactobacillus isolates in the ileum, caecal tonsils and spleen of Salmonella-challenged broilers, 44(6), 463-469.

    2015 - View publication details

  11. Miao, M., Ma, Y., Jiang, B., Cui, S.W., Wu, S., Zhang, T. (2015). Structural elucidation and in vitro fermentation of extracellular α-d-glucan from Lactobacillus reuteri SK24.003, 6(2), 109-116.

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  12. Guo, Q., Kang, J., Wu, Y., Cui, S.W., Hu, X., Yada, R.Y. (2015). A molecular modeling approach to understand the structure and conformation relationship of (GlcpA)Xylan, 134 175-181.

    2015 - View publication details

  13. Huang, C., Miao, M., Jiang, B., Cui, S.W., Jia, X., Zhang, T. (2015). Polysaccharides modification through green technology: Role of ultrasonication towards improving physicochemical properties of (1-3)(1-6)-α-d-glucans, 50 166-173.

    2015 - View publication details

  14. Zhang, H., Wang, J.Q., Nie, S.P., Wang, Y.X., Cui, S.W., Xie, M.Y. (2015). Sulfated modification, characterization and property of a water-insoluble polysaccharide from Ganoderma atrum, 79 248-255.

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  16. Miao, M., Ma, Y., Huang, C., Jiang, B., Cui, S.W., Zhang, T. (2015). Physicochemical properties of a water soluble extracellular homopolysaccharide from Lactobacillus reuteri SK24.003, 131 377-383.

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  17. Yin, J.Y., Nie, S.P., Guo, Q.B., Wang, Q., Cui, S.W., Xie, M.Y. (2015). Effect of calcium on solution and conformational characteristics of polysaccharide from seeds of Plantago asiatica L., 124 331-336.

    2015 - View publication details

  18. Yang, Y., Cui, S.W., Gong, J., Guo, Q., Wang, Q., Hua, Y. (2015). A soy protein-polysaccharides Maillard reaction product enhanced the physical stability of oil-in-water emulsions containing citral, 48 155-164.

    2015 - View publication details

  19. Yang, Y., Cui, S., Gong, J., Miller, S.S., Wang, Q., Hua, Y. (2015). Stability of citral in oil-in-water emulsions protected by a soy protein-polysaccharide Maillard reaction product, 69 357-363.

    2015 - View publication details

  20. Kang, J., Guo, Q., Wang, Q., Phillips, G.O., Cui, S.W. (2015). New studies on gum ghatti (Anogeissuslatifolia) part 6: Physicochemical characteristics of the protein moiety of gum ghatti, 44 237-243.

    2015 - View publication details

Research facility

93 Stone Road West
Guelph, ON N1G 5C9


  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Food Science, University of Guelph
  • Visiting Professor, State Key Lab for Food Science and Technology, Nanchang University
  • Visiting Professor, Key Lab for Food Emulsions, Jiangnan University



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