Stephen Macpherson

Research Meteorologist - Data Assimilation and Satellite Meteorology

Current research and/or projects

Develops data assimilation and satellite meteorology techniques to improve computer models used in weather and environmental prediction

  • Microwave radiances from meteorological satellites
  • Atmospheric information from ground-based GPS receiver zenith delay measurements
  • Assimilation of satellite data for numerical weather prediction
  • Quality control of radiosonde and aircraft observations

Professional activities / interests

21 years experience in weather-related research, 4 years experience as a weather forecaster with Environment Canada

10 years as an on-site meteorologist for Department of National Defence at CFB Cold Lake AB

Education and awards

Environment Canada Meteorologist Training Course, Downsview ON

M.Sc. Meteorology, McGill University, Montreal QC

B. Sc. Physics & Math, Brandon University, Brandon MB

Key publications

Macpherson, S.R., G. Deblonde, J.M. Aparicio, and B. Casati. 2008. Impact of NOAA ground-based GPS observations on the Canadian Regional Analysis and Forecast System. Mon. Wea. Rev. 136: 2727-2746

Deblonde, G, S.R. Macpherson, Y. Mireault and P. Héroux. 2005. Evaluation of GPS precipitable water over Canada and the IGS network. J. Appl. Meteor. 44:153-166.

Stewart, R.E., C.A. Lin and S.R. Macpherson. 1990. The structure of a winter storm producing heavy precipitation over Nova Scotia. Mon. Weather Rev. 118:411 426.

Stewart, R.E. and S.R. Macpherson. 1989. Winter storm structure and melting induced circulations. Atmos. Ocean. 27:5-23.