Stephen E. Keith

Research Scientist

Acoustics and Noise

Current research and/or projects

Measurement, simulation, analysis and modeling of impacts of noise with respect to human receptors

Research and/or project statements

  • Improved measurement procedures and uncertainty estimates for devices and machinery
  • Noise exposures for human or animal studies
  • On request, provides input on environmental noise assessments under Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

Professional activities / interests

International Organization for Standardization project leader for revision of standards for machinery sound power determination, ISO 3741, 3743-1, 3744, 3745, 3746 and 3747.  Member of working groups on environmental noise and anechoic chamber qualification. 

Standards Council of Canada chair of Canadian advisory committee to ISO/TC43 Acoustics standards relating to audiology, vehicle and machinery noise, hearing protection, etc.  Member of advisory committee to IEC on wind turbines. 

Canadian Standards Association Z92 member or chair of committees on occupational noise

Canadian Acoustical Association member or chair of committees on machinery noise

Education and awards

PhD, Carleton University, Mechanical Engineering

MASc, University of Toronto, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Science

Key publications

Giguère, A. Behar, H.R. Dajani, T. Kelsall, S.E. Keith, Direct and indirect methods for the measurement of occupational sound exposure from communication headsets, NCEJ, 60(6), 630-644, 2012

D.S. Michaud, S.E. Keith, K. Feder, T .Bower, Health impacts and exposure to wind turbine noise: Research design and noise exposure assessment, INTER-NOISE, 12, 10080-10087, 2012

McNeill, S.E. Keith, K. Feder, A.T.M. Konkle, D.S. Michaud, MP3 player listening habits of 17 to 23 year old university students, JASA, 128(2), 646-653, 2010

S.E. Keith, D.S. Michaud, and S.H.P. Bly, A proposal for evaluating the potential health effects of wind turbine noise for projects under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. J. Low Frequency Noise, Vibration & Active Control. 27(4), 253-265, 2008

E. Keith, D. S. Michaud and V. Chiu., Evaluating the maximum playback sound levels from portable digital audio players. J Acoust Soc Am, 123, 4227-4237, 2008

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D.S, Michaud, S.E. Keith, D. McMurchy, Noise annoyance in Canada, Noise and Health, 7(27), 39-47, 2005

S.E. Keith, G. Krishnappa, and V. Chiu, Dynamic Capability of Sound Intensity Measurements at High Frequencies, Invited Paper N94, Internoise 2003, Korea, 8 pages

Michaud, D.S., McLean, J., Keith, S., Ferrarotto, C., Haley, S., Anisman, H., and Merali, Z, Differential impact of audiogenic stressors on Lewis and Fischer rats: Behavioral, neurochemical and endocrine variations. Neuropsychopharmacology, 28; 1068-1081, 2003

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