Stephen Bly

Current research and/or projects

Manage regulatory research, testing and scientific literature analyses re noise and ultrasound relevant to consumer, workplace and medical equipment under Radiation Emitting Devices Act, e.g., MP3 players, stress effects on rats from noise exposure, measurement standards for machinery noise. This research also enables advisory role e.g., to environmental assessments where noise is an issue and to Federal regulators for air and rail noise and to the public.

  • MP3 user listening habits including sound levels during use
  • Measurement standards for machinery noise
  • Stress effects from noise exposure
  • Testing of children's headphones
  • Testing of ultrasound therapy devices

Professional activities / interests

Chair CSA Subcommittee on Occupational Noise

Education and awards

National Cancer Institute Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Toronto - Department of Medical Biophysics, Ultrasound Imaging - 1982-1984)

Ph.D. "Studies in Electronic Chemiluminescence" Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto, 1982

B.Sc. Chemical Physics University of Toronto, 1976

Key publications

August 2010 Health Canada - Notice to Stakeholders: Noise from Machinery Intended for the Workplace - Stephen Bly, Sarah Leslie, Stephen Keith, Tara Bower

It's Your Health Personal Stereo Systems and the Risk of Hearing Loss (2010) Stephen Keith, Stephen Bly

D.Michaud, S. H.P. Bly, and S.E. Keith. Using a change in percentage highly annoyed with noise as a potential health effect measure for projects under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Canadian Acoustics, 36(2): 13-28 (2008)

S.E. Keith, D.S. Michaud, and S.H.P. Bly (2008)

A proposal for evaluating the potential health effects of wind turbine noise for projects under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. J. Low Frequency Noise, Vibration & Active Control. 27(4), 253-265

S Bly, S Vlahovich. Health Canada Guidelines for the Safe Use of Diagnostic Ultrasound

BLY, S.H.P., VLAHOVICH, S., MABEE, P.R., & HUSSEY R.G. (1992) Computed Estimates of Temperature Elevations in Fetal Tissues during Transabdominal Pulsed Doppler Examinations. Ultrasound in Med. & Biol., Vol.18, No.4, pp.389-397