Stephane Chamberland

Physical Scientist - Atmospheric Numerical Prediction Research

Current research and/or projects

Numerical Weather Prediction model development, model coupling for environmental predictions

  • Development of a new numerical weather prediction model architecture to ease weather and environmental research
  • Coupling of an Ocean model to the current Canadian NWP model
  • Formalize and install a code development architecture and tools
  • Develop and maintain a geophysical fields production package

Professional activities / interests

Support for the community of users of the Canadian NWP model

Maintenance of code repositories

Maintenance of documentation web sites

Education and awards

M.Sc. Atmospheric Sciences, University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), 1995

Certificate, Enseignement Collegial, Laval University, 1996

B.Sc. Physics, Laval University, 1993

Key publications

Benoit ,R., N. Kouwen, W. Yu, S. Chamberland and P. Pellerin. 2003. Hydrometeorological aspects of the Real-Time Ultrafinescale Forecast Support during the Special Observing Period of the MAP. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 7(6):877-889.

Benoit, R., C. Girard, M. Desgagne, S. Chamberland and W. Yu. 2002. Finescale Orography and the MC2 dynamic Kernel. AMS 10th Mountain Met. Conference Proceeding.

Benoit, R., L. Fillion, W. Yu and S. Chamberland. 2002. Variational assimilation of convective precipitation for mesoscale forecasting. AMS 10th Mountain Met. Conference Proceeding.

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Benoit, R., P. Binder, C. Schaer, S. Chamberland, M. Desgagné, P. Pellerin and S. Thomas. 1999. High­performance modelling for the Mesoscale Alpine Programme (MAP) field experiment. In Pollard, A., D. Mewhort and D. Weaver (eds.), High Performance Computing Systems and Applications, Kluwer.

Benoit, R., H. Davies, C. Schaer, P. Binder, S. Chamberland, M. Desgagne, C. Girard, D. Lüthi, D. Maric, E. Müller, P. Pellerin, J. Schmidli, M. Sprenger, S. Willemse and E. Zala. 1999. Realtime ultrafinescale modelling effort for the MAP field phase. MAP Newsletter #11.