Simon Pellerin

Research - Chief, data assimilation infrastructure group

Current research and/or projects

Coordinate development of the objective analysis program library and experiment management procedures for data assimilation in meteorology. Research and development on the impact of observations on reducing forecasting error

  • Computer development for scientific applications
  • Duality in variational methods
  • Parallelization of scientific algorithms using super calculators
  • Scientific application coupling in a massively parallel computer context
  • Management of the scientific development team

Professional activities / interests

4 years of experience as an Operational Meteorologist; Pacific Prediction Centre and Quebec Prediction Centre

Development of a real-time, meso-scale prediction model as part of a meteorological data campaign. Contribution to flight development during the measurement campaign, (GEWEX 1994; Mermoz 1996)

Student supervision during study periods

Participation and presentations at international scientific conferences

Education and awards

M.Sc. (Atmospheric Science), Université du Québec à Montréal

B.Sc. (Physical Sciences), Université de Montréal

Key publications

Pellerin, S., S. Laroche , J. Morneau , M. Tanguay and J.-F. Caron. 2008. Estimation of observation impact on forecast error reduction using the dual formulation of the EC operational 4D-Var. (In press).

Pellerin, S., P. Gauthier, M. Tanguay, S. Laroche and J. Morneau. 2006. A modular implementation of the operational 4D-Var data assimilation at the Meteorological Service of Canada. In proceedings of the 4th WMO Symposium on assimilation of observations in meteorology and oceanography, Prague, Czech Republic.

Gauthier P., M. Tanguay, S. Laroche, S. Pellerin and J. Morneau. 2007. Extension of 3D-Var to 4D-Var: implementation of 4D-Var at the Meteorological Service of Canada. Mon. Wea. Rev. 135(6):2239-2354.

Laroche S., P. Gauthier, M. Tanguay, S. Pellerin and J. Morneau. 2007. Impact of the different components of 4D-Var on the global forecast system of the Meteorological Service of Canada. Mon. Wea. Rev. 135(6):2355-2364.

Gauthier, P. and S. Pellerin. 1998. Assimilation of Total Ozone Measurements with a 3D variational Assimilation System. A Canadian Middle Atmosphere Initiative, Report 1995-1998, Appendix C.

Benoit, R., S. Pellerin and W. Yu. 1997. MC2 model performances during the Beaufort and Arctic Storms Experiment. Numerical Methods in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling p. 221-244. In The André J. Robert Memorial Volume. Canadien Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, NRC Research Press.