Sijo Joseph (Thandapilly), Ph.D.

Image Sijo Joseph (Thandapilly)
Research Scientist

Investigating the nutritional and anti-nutritional bioactive components from agricultural based resources and their impact on human health. Developing novel methodologies for the study of carbohydrate and or protein, oil and minor components structure function, and their utilization for improvement of cereal grain end products.

Current research and/or projects

  • Investigating the Potential of Avenanthramides on Glycemic Control- a Novel Marketable Attribute for Manitoba Oats

  • Developing a platform comprising novel experimental tools for improving the health benefits of Canadian agricultural products.

  • Assessment of in vitro digestibility and predicted glycemic response of oat products using a modified Englyst method and a dynamic stomach model.

  • AIP Pulse Cluster: Evaluation of protein digestibility and glycemic response of pulse based products using in vitro experimental platform.


Education and awards

2007 – 2012      University of Manitoba, Canada                                                 Ph.D. (Physiology)

2002– 2004      Bharathiar University, India                                                   M.Sc. (Biotechnology)

1999– 2002      University of Calicut, India                                                             B.Sc. (Chemistry)

Scholarships/Research awards

2012-2014                   NSERC, Canada Post-doctoral visiting fellowship

2012-2013                   Manitoba Health Research Council PhD Studentship (declined)

2010-2012                   Manitoba Health Research Council PhD Studentship


  • Best oral presentation Award at Functional Foods and Nutraceutical Symposium


  • Dr. Grant Pierce Award for Excellence in Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Have a Heart Bursary Award from Canadian Cardiovascular society
  • Award of excellence in the CIHR National level Poster competition
  • Best Poster Presentation at Manitoba Health Research Poster competition
  • International Graduate student scholarship


  • Best Poster Presentation Award from Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Rated second in the Fletcher Gordon PhD Fellowship
  • International Graduate Student Scholarship


  • ICS Studentship Award from Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship

Travel Awards


  • Canadian Oxidative Stress Consortium travel award
  • University of Manitoba Graduate student Travel award


  • Canadian Hypertension Society travel award
  • University of Manitoba Graduate student Travel award


  • Graduate student International travel award
  • Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network International Travel Award

Key publications

For a complete list of publications, please visit: AAFC Online

Refereed publications:

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    Book chapter:


  • Ames N, Storsley J, Thandapilly SJ, Functionality of Beta-Glucan from Oat and Barley as it relates to health. Carbohydrates & Phytochemical Components in Cereal Grain-Based Functional Foods. 2018. Publisher:  Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), United Kingdom.


Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada   

Adjunct Professor, Department of Human Nutritional Sciences, University of  Manitoba, Canada