Shirley Anne Smyth

Image Shirley Anne Smyth
Engineer - Study Leader, monitoring chemical substances in municipal wastewater

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to the conservation and protection of aquatic ecosystems through research into the occurrence and fate of trace and emerging contaminants in wastewater treatment

  • Wastewater media lead for the Chemicals Management Plan Monitoring and Surveillance program
  • Occurrence and fate of pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and other contaminants of emerging concern in municipal wastewater and sludge treatment

Professional activities / interests

Coordinate a national monitoring program for chemical substances in wastewater influents, effluents and biosolids

Education and awards

B.Sc. Applied Chemistry, University of Guelph

M.Eng. Civil/Environmental, McMaster University, Hamilton

Key publications

Lajeunesse, A., S.A. Smyth, K Barclay, S Sauvé and C. Gagnon.  2012.  Distribution of antidepressant residues in wasteawter and biosoldis following different treatment processes by municipal wastewater treatment plants in Canada.  Water Research.  46:  5600 - 5612.

Kleywegt, S., Smyth, S-A., Parrott, J., Schaefer, K., Lagacé, E., Payne, M., Topp, E., Beck, A., McLaughlin, A. and K. Ostapyk (eds). 2007. Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Canadian Environment: Research and Policy Directions. NWRI Scientific Assessment Report Series No.8. 53 p.

SA Smyth, L Lishman, EA McBean, S Kleywegt, J-J Yang, ML Svoboda, H-B Lee and P Seto.  2008.  Seasonal occurrence and removal of polycyclic and nitro musks from wastewater treatment plants in Ontario, Canada.  J Environ. Eng. Sci. 7:  299-317.

SA Smyth, L Lishman, M Alaee, S Kleywegt, ML Svoboda, J-J Yang, H-B Lee and P Seto. 2007. Sample storage and extraction efficiencies in determination of polycylic and nitro musks in sewage sludge. Chemosphere 67: 267-275.

SA Smyth, L Lishman, EA McBean, S Kleywegt, J-J Yang, ML Svoboda, H-B Lee and P Seto. 2007. Fate of polycyclic and nitro musks during aerobic and anaerobic sludge digestion. International Water Association Specialist Conference on Moving Forward Biosolids Sustainability, Moncton NB, June 2007.

SA Smyth, L Lishman, EA McBean, S Kleywegt, J-J Yang, ML Svoboda, S Ormonde, V Pileggi, H-B Lee and P Seto. 2007. Polycyclic and nitro musks in Canadian municipal wastewater: occurrence and removal in wastewater treatment. Water Quality Research Journal of Canada 42(3):138-152.

Research facility

867 Lakeshore Rd.
Burlington, ON L7S 1A1


Member of the Water Environment Association of Ontario and the Water Environment Federation