Sharon A. Stone

Science Advisor and Researcher - Hazards, extreme events and climate for infrastructure design

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to provide Canadian decision and policy makers with information for achieving sustainability today and in the future

  • Promotes and facilitates adaptation to atmospheric climate change and variability
  • Assists in identifying the need for other response options (e.g., mitigation when impacts and/or adaptation response are deemed unacceptable or insufficient).
  • Extreme events: wind and droughts
  • Historical trends and variability in Canadian climate
  • Canadian Atmospheric Hazards Network (CAHN), Canadian Drought Alert and Monitoring Program (CDAMP)

Professional activities / interests

Establishing linkages between the scientific and policy communities to foster the delivery of relevant scientific advice to support decision-making

Education and awards

Certificate of Meteorology, York University

B.Sc. (Hon.) Atmospheric Science, York University

Key publications

Auld, H., N. Comer and S. Fernandez. 2010. TECHNICAL GUIDE Infrastructure in permafrost: A guideline for climate change adaptation. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Special Publication, Chapter 5 (PLUS 4011-10). P. 41-53.

Auld, H.,  E. Paixao, and S. Fernandez, 2010. TECHNICAL GUIDE Development, Interpretation and Use of Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Information: Guideline for Canadian Water Resources Practitioners. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Special Publication, Chapter 2 (PLUS 4011-10).  P. 6-23 and Appendix 2.

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