Sergio Paulo, M.Sc.Eng.

Image Sergio Paulo

Director of Research, Development & Technology for the London & Harrow Research & Development Centres (RDC) and the Ontario Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Office located in Guelph. 


Current research and/or projects

Oversees Associate Directors, oversees research staff, acountability for centre forecasting and project decisions to deliver on agricultural research.  Horticultural cluster science lead and diversified field crops cluster sience lead.  Director level portfolio lead for ONE HEALTH and executive member of the Lake Erie Watershed.  

Research and/or project statements

One Health Director Portfolio lead

Great Lakes executive board member (Lake Erie watershed)

Alternative Pest Management review committee member

Committee for Science Implementation member for annual call for proposals

2023-28 Horticultural Cluster & Diversified Field Cluster science director lead (project review)

Professional activities / interests

One Health

Automation, engineering and greenhouses


Education and awards

Graduate of the Wayne State University (Masters of Electrical Engineering) and the University of Windsor (Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering).   Recipient of several awards including the Governor General's Award in 1996 and the President’s Award for Innovation and Best practice in 2011 (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). 

International experience and/or work

Worked in the automotive industry for over 15 years - in the USA - under several roles including Lead Engineer, Project Lead and Team Lead.  This involved analysing big data, creating prototypes to automate data gathering, designing electronics and programming embedded hardware components.  From 2012 to 2017, owned & operated a small business leading an Australian team of IT experts to provide global support for the automotive sector on a global scale.

Key publications

US PATENT 6,568,345 - Selectable instrument clusters 

US PATENT 6,675,650 - Automotive display 

US PATENT 6,703,926 - Vehicle data communication system with hand-held wireless control and display unit 

US PATENT 6,827,034 - Illuminated dial and pointer display