Serge L'Italien

Water Quality Specialist - Water Quality Index Technical Support/Translation Support WQMSD/Support to VMV codes/Support to migration of MSQE from Quebec into NAQUA.core.

Development of VMV codes database. Creation of new VMV codes in response to requests from different users of VMV codes across Canada.

Support to the migration of MSQE data from Quebec into the NAQUA.core database.

Current research and/or projects

Water quality indicators development and applications, effective management of horizontal programs involving improved integration from field data collection, to data management QA/QC, to water quality analysis and reporting, and to support policy analysis

  • Validation of computations and data for the production of diffusion documents (including Website) linked to the content of  WQIDat (CESI-WQI) on an annual basis.
  • Ensure the consistency and comparability of data in order to produce studies of temporal changes  (link to the Water Quality Index - WQI).
  • Improving functions of the WQI calculator tool (work done in collaboration with CIOB and with the province of Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • QA/QC of  MSWQD data for Quebec and support of data formatting for CABIN and others.
  • Review of data within the framework for the diffusion of information and access to data for the transboundary rivers of the Hudson Bay watershed.
  • Support to presentations for conferences and workshops.
  • Translation of scientific documents (reports, PowerPoint presentations, meeting notes, WQMSD's Website content).

Professional activities / interests

Great Lakes Surveillance Officer from 1991-2001

Collaboration in development of software used to compute annual concentrations and loadings in the Great Lakes Connecting Channels, and Upstream/Downstream differences using MLE procedure to replace censored data (SAS, SQL, Fortran)

Collaboration in customizing software RDMQ used for electronic QA of ENVIRODAT data (SAS, SQL) for Great Lakes Connecting Channels

Collaboration in the development of the WQIDat database, and of clustering procedures to optimize the national water quality network (CESI-WQI)

Experience with several field sampling methods (Great Lakes and Connecting Channels, lakes and rivers).  Experience in laboratory (liquid-liquid extractions).

Co-author of the recent National Nutrients Report of the DWQMS

Education and awards

B. Sc., UQAM 1984

M. Environmental Sc., UQAM 1988

Research facility

7th Floor, 105 McGill Street
Montréal, QC H2Y 2E7