Serban Danielescu

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Research Scientist - Groundwater -surface water interactions, Agricultural impacts on groundwater

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure aquatic ecosystems are conserved and protected

  • Local and watershed scale assessment of the impacts of agricultural practices (e.g. potato production systems) on nitrogen levels in groundwater
  • Groundwater - surface water interaction
  • Use of geochemical and isotopic tracers
  • Contaminant transport in the saturated and unsaturated zones
  • Development of online hydrology tools

Joint appointment with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Research and/or project statements


The various free online tools included in the suite can be used for advancing the understanding of local and watershed scale hydrological processes and include algorithms for estimating 1) surface runoff and groundwater contributions to streamflow via hydrograph separation [SepHydro]; 2) potential, reference and actual evapotranspiration [ETCalc]; 3) crop water deficit and excess, irrigation requirement and its impact on aquifer storage, water budget [SWIB]; 4) water balance (e.g., snowfall, snowmelt, snowpack, soil water content, evapotranspiration, drainage, infiltration, surface runoff, etc.) [SNOSWAB]; 5) groundwater recharge [RECHARGE BUDDY]; and 6) snowfall and rainfall amounts [SNOWFALL BUDDY]. The tools included in the suite can be used in many areas of environmental research, such as the assessment of the impact of agricultural practices, urbanization, climate change, etc. These tools and models can be used for standalone analyses, for providing input to complex models or for educational purposes.



ETCalc is a tool that integrates several customizable methods for calculating daily Potential Evapotranspiration (PET), Reference Evapotranspiration (ETR) and Actual Evapotranspiration (ET) based on user provided meteorological data and crop coefficients. The tool currently integrates Penman-Monteith, Thornthwaite, Blaney-Criddle, Turc, Priestley-Taylor, Hargreaves, Jensen-Haise and Abtew empirical equations.



 SepHydro is a tool that offers several customizable digital filtering algorithms for performing hydrograph separation (or baseflow separation) and assessing surface runoff and groundwater contributions to streamflow based on user provided daily streamflow data. SepHydro currently integrates Lyne & Hollick, Chapman, Eckhardt, Pettyjohn & Henning (Fixed Interval, Sliding Interval, Local Minimum, TR-55, Szilagyi (long and short), Boughton (AWBM) and Furey & Gupta, Chapman & Maxwell separation methods.



SWIB (Soil Water Stress, Irrigation Requirement and Water Balance) is a model that allows users to estimate daily crop / soil water stress (either as water deficit or water excess), crop irrigation requirements and the impact of irrigation on aquifer storage, as well as a series of water balance components, based on user provided daily measured soil moisture and precipitation. SWIB allows for testing irrigation scheduling and efficiency scenarios based on user-defined growing and irrigation seasons, thresholds for soil moisture and water losses.



SNOSWAB (Snow, Soil Water and Water Balance) is an online model for estimation of daily dynamics of snow-related processes (snowfall, snow accumulation, snowmelt), soil water content and water balance components (infiltration, drainage and surface runoff) based on user provided air temperature, precipitation, rainfall and evapotranspiration. The model incorporates routines for evaluation of the effects of temperature and precipitation on snow-related processes as well as impact of freezing and low or high soil water content on the dynamics of water balance components. SNOSWAB includes calibration routines and bivariate statistics for optimization of model output.



Groundwater Recharge Estimation Tool (RECHARGE BUDDY) is an online tool for estimation of daily groundwater recharge, groundwater discharge and change in aquifer storage based on user-provided specific yield and daily water table elevations. RECHARGE BUDDY uses an adaptation of the widely-used Water Table Fluctuation (WTF) method. RECHARGE BUDDY includes calibration routines and bivariate statistics for optimization of model output.



Snowfall and rainfall estimation tool (SNOW BUDDY) is an online tool for estimation of daily snowfall and rainfall amounts based on user-provided daily air temperature and total precipitation. SNOW BUDDY estimates snowfall and rainfall as mm of water and further allows for conversion of the snowfall amount into centimeters of snow. SNOW BUDDY includes calibration routines and bivariate statistics for optimization of model output.


Professional activities / interests

Involved in collaborative research projects funded by ECCC and AAFC, such as Lake Winnnipeg Basin Initative (ECCC), Atlantic Living Laboratories (AAFC), etc.

Thesis co-supervisor and committee member for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students

Interests in groundwater mediated nutrient transport to surface water, local and watershed scale water balance and contaminant transport, online tool development

Education and awards

Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Environmental Group, University of New Brunswick

Ph.D. Systems Ecology and Sustainable Development, University of Bucharest (Romania)

Key publications

Alexander-Trusiak AC,  Danielescu S, Grapentine L, Luiker E, McKenna C, Monk W, Costa PD (2024). Multiple stressors and cumulative effects. In: Synthesis of freshwater science in Canada. Environment and Climate Change Canada, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. Cat. No. En84-359/2023E-PDF. ISBN: 9780660687599

Alexander-Trusiak AC, Allen J, Danielescu S, Laengle T, MacDonald T, Morrison M, Sheedy C, Villeneuve J (2024). Pesticides. In: Synthesis of freshwater science in Canada. Environment and Climate Change Canada, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. Cat. No. En84-359/2023E-PDF. ISBN: 9780660687599

Danielescu S, MacQuarrie KTB, Nyiraneza J, Zebarth B, Sharifi-Mood N, Grimmett M, Main T, Levesque M (2024) Development and Validation of a Crop and Nitrate Leaching Model for Potato Cropping Systems in a Temperate–Humid Region. Water 16: 475. DOI:

Pavlovskii I, Jiang Y, Danielescu S, Kurylyk BL (2023) Influence of precipitation event size magnitude on baseflow and coastal nitrate export for Prince Edward Island, Canada. Hydrological Processes 37: e14892. DOI:

Danielescu S (2023) Development and Application of ETCalc, a Unique Online Tool for Estimation of Daily Evapotranspiration. Atmosphere-Ocean 2023, 61. 135-147. DOI:   

Danielescu S (2022) SWIB - An Online Model to Estimate Daily Crop Water Stress, Irrigation Needs, and Soil Water Budget. Groundwater. DOI:

KarisAllen JJ, Mohammed AA, Tamborski JJ, Jamieson RC, Danielescu S, Kurylyk BL (2022) Intertidal spring discharge to a coastal ecosystem and impacts of climate change on future groundwater temperature: A multi-method investigation. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 26: 4721–4740. DOI:

Danielescu S, MacQuarrie KTB, Zebarth B, Nyiraneza J, Grimmett M, Levesque M. (2022) Crop Water Deficit and Supplemental Irrigation Requirements for Potato Production in a Temperate Humid Region (Prince Edward Island, Canada). Water 14: 2748. DOI:

Bretcan P, Tansilav D, Radulescu C, Serban G, Danielescu S, Reid M, Dunea D (2022) Evaluation of Shallow Groundwater Quality At Regional Scales Using Adaptive Water Quality Indices. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19, 10637. DOI:

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Van Stempvoort DR, Robertson WD, MacKay Ross, Collins P, Brown SJ, Danielescu S, Pascoe T (2021) The role of groundwater in loading of nutrients to a restricted bay in a Precambrian Shield lake. Part 1 - Conceptual model and field observations. Journal of Great Lakes Research 47: 1259:1272. DOI:   

Danielescu S, Van Stempvoort DR, McCrimmon C, Valipour R (2021) The role of groundwater in loading of nutrients to a restricted bay in a Precambrian Shield lake. Part 2 - Numerical modeling. Journal of Great Lakes Research 47: 1273-1287. DOI:  

Martel M, Glenn A, Wilson H, Danielescu S, Krobel R, Smith W, McConkey B, Guest G, Janzen H (2021) A parsimonious water budget model for Canadianagricultural conditions. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 36: 100846. DOI:

Danielescu S, Barbecot F, Morand V (2020) Groundwater contributions to surface water in the Assiniboine Delta Aquifer (ADA): A water quantity and quality perspective. Journal of Great Lakes Research. DOI:

Danielescu S, Van Stempvoort DR, Bickerton G, Roy JW (2020) Use of mature willows (Salix nigra) for hydraulic control of landfill-impacted groundwater in a temperate climate. Journal of Environmental Management 272: 111106. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2020.111106

Lamb K, MacQuarrie KTB, Butler K, Danielescu S, Mott E, Grimmett M, Zebarth BJ (2019) Hydrogeophysical monitoring reveals primarily vertical movement of an applied tracer across a shallow, sloping low-permeability till interface: Implications for agricultural nitrate transport. Journal of Hydrology 573: 616 – 630. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2019.03.075

Boudreault M, Koiter A, Lobb D, Liu K, Benoy G, Owens P, Danielescu S, Li S (2018) Using colour, shape and radionuclide fingerprints to identify sources of sediment in an agricultural watershed in Atlantic Canada. Canadian Water Resources Journal, 43: 347–365. DOI: 10.1080/07011784.2018.1451781

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Conant B, Danielescu S, Reeves H, Coulibaly P. 2016. Groundwater/surface water interaction. Chapt. 2 in Grannemann, G. and Van Stempvoort, D. (Eds.), Groundwater science relevant to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement: A status report. Final version, May, 2016. Published (online) by Environment and Climate Change Canada and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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Research facility

95 Innovation Road
PO Box 20280
Fredericton, NB E3B 4Z7


Honorary Research Associate, Civil Engineering Department, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Research Associate, Canadian Rivers Institute, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Research Associate, Research Center in Systems Ecology and Sustainability, University of Bucharest, Romania