Samuel Mongrain

Current research and/or projects

Samuel Mongrain works for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada since 2017. He joined the marine mammal research group as a laboratory and field research technician. Mr. Mongrain works mainly on research projects in Nunavik and the seals populations of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. His activities include biopsy, determination of age, diet and reproductive status, hunting sampling, aerial or boat population surveys, live-capture, deployment of satellite transmitters, marking and study of the behavior of seals and cetaceans. He is also involved in updating databases on seals and the marine mammal observations in northern Quebec. His work implies frequent information transfers with the Northern Quebec Inuit and First Nations communities. Mr. Mongrain is responsible for the preparation and logistics of various field research projects and sampling campaigns.



Education and awards

B.Sc. Biology - Wildlife and Habitat (2012-2014) Université du Québec à Rimouski

DCS Bioecology (2009-2012) Cégep de La Pocatière