Sager, Jeremy

Image Sager, Jeremy
Housing Team Project Officer

Residential heating, ventilation, air conditioning and renewable energy systems research

Current research and/or projects

My work focuses on assessing the performance of innovative heating, ventilation, air conditioning and renewable energy technologies that reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of homes in Canada.  An article in the Fall 2018 issue of Better Builder Magazine describes well the type of work I do (see page 9-10):

Research and/or project statements

The projects I am currently (November 2018) working on are summarized below. 

  1. Program for Energy Research and Development, End-Use Portfolio: Addressing the Barriers to the Design of High Performance Housing and Buildings.  My focus in this project is to work with the Cold Climate Housing Research Centre on the development of an integrated system that provides space heating, ventilation and water heating.  We are adding a CO2 refrigerant heat pump to a system developed by CCHRC and assessing the performance.  The first application for this approach is intended for northern and remote communities. 


  1. Energy Innovation Program: Cold Climate Heat Pumps for Space and Water Heating.  This is a collaborative research project with CanmetENERGY-Varennes.  I am working on developing scientific knowledge of cold climate heat pumps including:
    1. Multi-zone cold climate ductless air source heat pumps,
    2. Solar assisted air source heat pumps in cold climates, and
    3. Air to water heat pumps in cold climates


  1. Paving the Road to 2030 and Beyond: Market transformation road maps for energy efficient equipment in the building sector.  Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy.  In this project, I am working on testing the performance of cold climate air source heat pumps as well as developing a Guide and excel Tool for the Sizing and Selection of Air Source Heat Pumps.  These activities will help drive market uptake of air source heat pumps, which will be a key component of Canada’s efforts to meet it’s 2030 and 2050 emissions reductions targets.


  1. Monitoring the Performance of a Hybrid (Gas Furnace + Electric Air Source Heat Pump) System with Smart Controls in Existing Housing.  This is a collaborative research project with the Office of Energy Efficiency’s Equipment Division.  The project is also supported by Union Gas / Enbridge, Mattamy Homes, BKR Energy, Dettson, and Lennox.

Professional activities / interests

My main focus is on planning and implementing monitoring projects to assess the performance of innovative heating, ventilation, air conditioning and renewable energy technologies for new and existing Canadian homes.  The objective is to:

  • Identify technologies with energy saving and GHG reduction potential
  • Develop partnerships with utilities, associations, manufacturers, builders, renovators and other market actors
  • Setup monitoring systems and collect data, synthesize and analyse data to quantify the energy savings
  • Assess the cost:benefit of these technologies in the Canadian market context of different house types and locations
  • Support the development of performance ratings, codes, standards and design guidelines to help move innovative technologies into the marketplace

Key publications


Sager, J., Mackintosh, T., St-Onge, G., McDonald, E., and Kegel, M.  Detailed performance assessment of variable capacity in-verter-driven cold climate air source heat pumps.  Published in: Cold Climate HVAC 2018.  Sustainable Buildings in Cold Climates.  Springer Proceedings in Energy. March 2019.

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