Sabit Cakmak, PhD.

Senior Research Scientist

Conduct scientific research to understand the impact of environmental chemicals on human health

Current research and/or projects

To developed innovative statistical analysis methodologies and epidemiological designs to investigate the links between air pollution and climate change and human health effects.

Research and/or project statements


 - Spatial Cohort Designs and Time Series Analysis

- Effect of air pollution on health using objective measures of personal information - CHMS

- Synoptic weather types, air pollution, and climate change

- Traffic and human health

- Industrial air pollution and human health

Professional activities / interests

- Member of the external scientific advisory committee for three external institutions

- Served on doctoral student committies

- Mentor undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral fellows

- Served on research ethical board

Education and awards

Ph.D. 1994 Statistics  University of Toronto

M. Sc. 1985 Math & Statistics Hacettepe University


International experience and/or work

- consulted with international bodies including USEPA, WHO, and Government of Chile and Colombia.