Roger C. Paulen

Research Scientist

Research in glacial landscape evolution of northern Canada, to improve mineral exploration success

Current research and/or projects

Activity leader for surficial mapping of the GEM2 Hudson-Ungava Project (2014-2017). Current research includes mapping the surficial geology and unravelling the glacial history of a region that is underexplored, yet prospective for potential mineral deposits and development in northern Canada.  

Professional activities / interests

  • GEM1 project leader in establishing field protocols for sampling of surficial sediments in the field, sample processing and establishing QA/QC measures. Protocol compilation also included publication of field safety practices.
  • Train the next generation of surficial geologists in Canada, through logistical support, co-supervision and mentoring of graduate students.
  • Active research in our understanding of glacial dispersal of minerals with fast-flowing ice (ice streams).
  • Collaborate and combine research interests with academia (universities).

Key publications

Rice, J.M., Menzies, J., Paulen, R.C. and McClenaghan, M.B. (submitted). The mechanics of till deposition in a vertical section from south of Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, using macro- and micro-sedimentological techniques - a novel approach to glacial deformation mechanics. Boreas.

Oviatt, N.A., Gleeson, S., Paulen, R.C., McClenaghan, M.B. and Paradis, S. (accepted, in press). Characterization and dispersal of indicator minerals associated with the Pine Point Mississippi Valley-type (MVT) district, Northwest Territories, Canada.  Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, Manuscript ID cjes-2014-0108.

Paulen, R.C. and McClenaghan, M.B. 2015. Late Wisconsin ice-flow history in the Buffalo Head Hills kimberlite field, north-central Alberta. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 52:51-67.

Alpay, S. and Paulen, R.C. Field Safety: Principles, Practice, Culture. Geomorphological Fieldwork, Developments in Earth Surface Processes 18 edited by Mary J. Thornbush, Casey D. Allen, Faith A. Fitzpatrick. Chapter 3.2: pp. 65 - 90; Elsevier.

McClenaghan, M.B., Plouffe, A. McMartin, I., Campbell, J.E., Spirito, W.A., Paulen, R.C., Garrett, R.G., and Hall, G.E.W. 2013. Till sampling and geochemical analytical protocols used by the Geological Survey of Canada. Geochemistry Exploration Environment Analysis, 13:285-301.

Plouffe, A., McClenaghan, M.B, Paulen, R.C., McMartin, I., Campbell, J.E., and Spirito, W.A. 2013. Processing of glacial sediments for the recovery of indicator minerals: protocols used at the Geological Survey of Canada. Geochemistry Exploration Environment Analysis, 13:303-316.

Paulen, R.C., McClenaghan, M.B. and Hicken, A. Regional and local ice-flow history in the vicinity of the Izok Lake Zn–Cu–Pb–Ag deposit, Nunavut. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 50:1209-1222.

Paulen, R.C. and McClenaghn, M.B. 2013. New frontiers for exploration in glaciated terrain. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 7374.

Paulen, R.C., Paradis, S., Plouffe, A., and Smith, I.R. 2011. Pb and S isotopic composition of indicator minerals in glacial sediments from NW Alberta, Canada: implications for Zn-Pb base metal exploration. Geochemistry Exploration Environment Analysis, 11:309-320.

Plouffe, A., Anderson, R.G., Gruenwald, W., Davis, W.J., Bednarski, J.M. and Paulen, R.C. Integrating ice-flow history, geochronology, geology, and geophysics to trace mineralized glacial erratics to their bedrock source: An example from south-central British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 48:1113-1130.

Paulen, R.C. and McMartin, I. (editors) 2009. Application of Till and Stream Sediment Heavy Mineral and Geochemical Methods to Mineral Exploration in Western and Northern Canada. Geological Association of Canada, SC-18, ISBN: 978-1-897095-26-3.

Research facility

601 Booth St.
Ottawa, ON K1A 0G1