Rod Turnquist

Research Technician
Natural Resources Canada

Current research and/or projects

  • provides expert technical support to an entomologist on the feasibility and logistics for conducting laboratory and field experiments in insect ecology
  • represents the science and technology objectives of the research program by providing written and oral presentations of results to clients and collaborators
  • participates in planning, implementation, and reporting of field and laboratory studies
  • plans and conducts tests and evaluates the results for development of methods to estimate distribution, abundance, and ecological significance of forest insects
  • delivers data in original, electronic and graphic formats, customises software for data entry and provision of descriptive summaries
  • takes the lead in identification and ecological characteristics of field research plots
  • provides management and maintenance of materials and supplies, and maintains current operational and safety standards for materials and supplies for all aspects of the research program, and
  • supervises students and term employees, collaborates on staffing and performance evaluation.

Education and awards

Forest Resources Technology Diploma, 1982, Malaspina College