Robin B. Rong

Researcher - Climate Change, Impacts and Adaptation

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure impacts of atmospheric and climate change are analyzed, understood and adaptive strategies are developed and implemented

  • Assess atmospheric hazards information to assist Municipalities in assessing the vulnerability of their communities under changing climate conditions and in designing disaster management plans (
  • Expand the utility of the Climate Change Scenarios Network (CCSN) in Pacific coast by providing regional scale web-based guidance, tools, models, etc. for climate change impacts projects and studies
  • Work cooperatively with China in developing collaborative adaptation science, technology and other products in areas, such as wind energy and turbine hazards mapping, impacts and adaptation science; and GIS

Professional activities / interests

Project coordinator in Adaptation & Impacts component in CIDA’s Canada-China Cooperation in Climate Change (C5) project

Interests on developing of GIS based decision-support tools for climate change adaptation; climate change vulnerability assessment in agriculture

Key publications

Rong, B. 2004. Climate Change in Northeast China - Impacts and adaptation. Canada-China Cooperation in Climate Change project (C5) report, October, 2005.

Rong, B., S.M. Ma, E.D. Lin, and Y.Y. Yin. 2004. Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in the Agriculture of Northeastern China. In: Fence, A., D. MacIver, H. Auld, B. Rong, and Y.Y. Yin, (eds.) Climate Change: Building the Adaptive Capacity. Environment Canada, Toronto, Ontario. 426p.

Fence, A., M. Murphy, D. Maciver, H. Auld, F. Dallmeier and R.B. Rong. 2006. Global Environmental Change in the Americas: Challenges and Opportunities. In Fence, A., D. MacIver, H. Auld and T. Brydges (eds.) The Americas: Building the Adaptive Capacity to Global Environmental Change. Environment Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 254p.