Robert E Dales, MD

Medical Epidemiologist

Research to better understand the influence of indoor and outdoor air quality on the health of Canadians

Current research and/or projects

Health effects of exposure to indoor chemicals and outdoor air pollutants.

Research and/or project statements

We have found evidence based mostly on observational studies suggesting that:

Indoor exposure to selected VOCs and phthalates may impair lung function.

Exposure to outdoor air pollution is associated with impaired lung function, selected cardiac rhythm disorders, deep venous thrombosis, epilepsy,hospitalization, and mortality.

The elderly and socially disadvantaged may be more susceptible to the adverse effects of outdoor air pollution 

Environmental health studies help to assess the burden of illness due to air pollution which is needs to be taken into consideration by regulators.

Professional activities / interests

Environmental research

Education and awards

1978                                        Medical Doctor


1982                            FRCP(C) Respiratory Medicine


1983                            FRCP(C) Internal Medicine


1984                                        CSPQ    Respiratory Medicine


1984                                        CSPQ    Internal Medicine


1985                                        MSc.    Epidemiology and Biostatistics


1999                                        Sleep Specialist, American Sleep Disorders Association,


International experience and/or work


Key publications

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Medical Epidemiologist , HealthCanada

Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa