Robert Devlin

Image Devlin, Robert
Research Scientist

Director, Centre for Aquatic Biotechnology Regulatory Research (CABRR)

Current research and/or projects

A recent focus of my research has been the application of molecular and general genetics and genomics to questions in salmonid biology, with a focus on environmental risk assessment of genetically distinct finfish and evaluation of the genetic basis of domestication.

Research and/or project statements

Specific projects include:

  1. Production of transgenic salmonids with enhanced production traits for growth and feed-conversion efficiency, disease resistance, and flesh quality, with an emphasis on providing objective scientific information from which the potential and the risks associated with this technology may be evaluated;
  2. Development of sensitive and specific molecular diagnostic assays for genetic sex (Y-probes), stress and pollution-response markers, and several specific parasitic pathogens that infect wild and farmed salmonids;
  3. Evaluation of the genetic basis of domestication in salmonids;
  4. Determining the genetic relationship among species and strains of salmonids, and application of variable molecular markers to quantitative traits (e.g. precocious maturation) for breeding purposes;
  5. Developmentand evaluation of biological containment methodologies.

Professional activities / interests

  • 2007-present: Director, DFO Centre for Aquatic Biotechnology Regulatory Research (CABRR)

  • 2004: Research Scientist 5, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, West Vancouver Laboratory.

  • 1999: Research Scientist 4, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, West Vancouver Laboratory.

  • 1997: Research Scientist 3, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, West Vancouver Laboratory.

  • 1995-present: Adjunct Professor, Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia.

  • 1992-2000: Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, Simon Fraser University.

  • 1992: Research Scientist 2, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, West Vancouver Laboratory.

  • 1989: Research Scientist 1, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, West Vancouver Laboratory.

  • 1988-1989: MRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of British Columbia.

  • 1986-1988: Postdoctoral Research Fellow,Department of Zoology, University of Washington.

  • 1985-1986: NSERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dept. Biology, Simon Fraser University.

  • 1978: TechnicianDr. D. McPhail; Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia.

Education and awards


  • B.Sc. Zoology (1978), University of British Columbia
  • Ph.D. Zoology (1984), University of British Columbia


  • David Bevan Outstanding Career Distinction Award 2019
  • American Fisheries Society Stevan R. Phelps Award for Best Genetics Manuscript 2017
  • Fisheries and Oceans Assistant Deputy Minister Distinction Award 2016
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada  Manuscript of the Year 2015
  • Murray A. Newman Award (Vancouver Aquarium) for Significant Achievement in Aquatic Research 2013
  • Fisheries and Oceans “Golden Microphone” Award for Science Communication 2012
  • Fisheries and Oceans Immediate Award for Aquatic Biotechnology Regulatory Research 2011
  • Prix d’Excellence Award (DFO) 2009
  • ADM Science (DFO) Award of Distinction 2007
  • Fisheries and Oceans Immediate Award for Aquatic Biotechnology Regulatory Research 20007
  • Health Canada Award for Creativity and Innovation 2006
  • America Fisheries Society Stevan R. Phelps Award for Best Genetics Manuscript 2006
  • American Fisheries Society Robert L. Kendall Award Best Paper in Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. 2005
  • America Fisheries Society Stevan R. Phelps Award for Best Genetics Manuscript 2005
  • R.E. Forster Fisheries and Oceans Canada Best Paper Award 2002
  • Award, Fisheries and Oceans Canada 2002
  • Kosuge Memorial Lectureship and Award, University of California, Davis. 1998
  • Deputy Minister's Commendation (DFO)  1997.
  • Merit Award, Fisheries and Oceans Canada  1993.
  • Medical Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship  1988-1989.
  • NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship   1985-1987.


International experience and/or work

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Key publications

Primary (journal) publications:  (224)

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